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Coach the Coach:

"Are your managers getting the most
out of your people?"

Get Coach Gusty's Coach-the-Coach program today
and increase employee retention and corporate profits.


ow much time are your managers spending with their people? How effective are they?

When you implement Coach Gusty’s Coach-the-Coach program in your organization you will help employees:

  • Clarify thinking
  • Know that their direct manager cares about their needs and will help them
  • Set goals and create action plans
  • Identify and manage around obstacles
  • Have a clear focus on results  and accountability


Coach Gusty’s program covers a number of key topics that will help your Managers get the most of their people by learning the principles of successful coaching:

  • What it means to coach the gap
  • Which people are coachable
  • Seven fatal coaching mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Characteristics of exceptional coaches
  • Why you should want to coach
  • Where's your time best spent in coaching
  • Why listening is the key to success
  • How to provide honest professional feedback
  • How to establish trust and confidentiality
  • How to prepare for the coaching session
  • What does the conversation look like
  • What is unconscious incompetence
  • What is the best way to use Gleischer’s formula
  • The takeaways from Gallup’s 1 Million employee survey and what it means to your business


These topics and more will be talked about as we develop your leaders to learn how to coach their own people.

Amazing results.


  • Increased loyalty, retention and performance.
  • Increased profits
  • Increased customer satisfaction


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