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"Over 50% of Companies
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The need for leadership training does not
stop at the top floor!

“Coach Gusty will help you attract and retain high-potential leaders by implementing a compelling executive development experience for them.”

It can be a way to prepare your bench strength and secure a pipeline
for succession


  • The best people – the people you need – tend also to be the best at weighing benefits, choosing employers and leaving them if they fall short of expectations.
  • Leadership capacity and development has always been a key concern for executives and board members.
  • One of the most important questions for developing the critical talent pipeline of emerging leaders is cultivate versus acquire. There is no better way to make sure your organization stays competitive and effective than by enabling, challenging, nurturing and rewarding your most talented people.
  • The best future leaders are probably already in your organization.



ew leaders moving up to new responsibilities usually means they are stepping out of their comfort zone. Their friends suddenly become direct reports. There is a steep learning curve. Everyone wants their attention. Facing new challenges under close scrutiny, they are tempted to revert to the old ways. Yet, it doesn’t work. They need new skills and a new perspective. Moving up can seem like entering the twilight zone! I can help you.

More than learning, knowledge and skills; attracting and retaining tomorrow’s leaders requires a multi-faceted approach to help deal with the demands placed on these individuals. This includes:

  • Individuals’ self awareness and the maturity to say yes to change
  • Business and strategic  knowledge
  • Leadership styles that are effective
  • Behaviors that propel successful performance
  • Corporate and product knowledge


GET  Coach Gusty’s executive coaching program as a tool for
developing and retaining high potential and superstar performers.

Not only will you get an incredible return on your investment by lifting good people to a higher level, you will be employing one of the most effective methods for retaining key employees . . . providing them with developmental opportunities. Great employees stay with companies where they can learn, grow, contribute and get rewarded.


Minor League - Coaching: (Bench Strength- Future Leaders)

Leadership Development offered Exclusively by Coach Gusty - business benefits:

  • Results oriented, self-aware leaders who will improve organisational performance, profit and revenue
  • More committed staff and managers who live the vision and are excited to be involved.
  • Retention of more motivated and engaged people - inspired by their leaders to be superstars.
  • Managers who are better able to articulate vision and goals and get real buy-in.
  • Success that can be measured.


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