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or today’s successful executives, time for reflection seems to be a luxury. One of the key components of Coach Gusty’s Executive Coaching program is the opportunity for you to feel comfortable in sharing your deepest concerns and fears. Coach Gusty provides a trusting, non-threatening learning atmosphere which promotes understanding and behavioral change, as well as the opportunity to contemplate those changes.

The CornerstoneTM  10 Step Coaching Process:


Step One - The Right Fit

The first step is for You  and I to sit down and have a free and open discussion about what coaching can do for you. There is no charge for this session because there needs to be complete buy-in from the start of the whole process. There has to be a fit and there has to be value.

Step Two - Assessment

Assuming that we are going ahead, we will recieve feedback from you in regards to what it is you feel that you need to improve upon. Secondly, we will discuss and implement a number of assessment tools which will provide feedback from the people you work with - in particular a 360 Survey and  DISC Assessment.

Step Three - Set Goals, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and Personal Development Plan

After receiving the information back from the assessment tools, You and I will discuss the desired results from coaching.  We will spend time clearly defining what success looks like for you (what you need to do and who you want to be), and we consider where you are now relative to your goal.

Usually not more than three goals are chosen to potentially work on. These will be in the form of specific development objectives which will support desired business outcomes.

 Step Four - Commitment

Most coaching engagements usually last from twelve to eighteen months and are structured to result in significant, specific, measurable changes in behavior.

You are free to stop the coaching at the end of any 30 day session. The reason I offer this to keep you in total control, ensuring you are always getting value. It also keeps me sharp!

Step Five - Weekly Conversations

We will meet one-on-one once a week starting off in an hour and a half sessions and eventually getting to one hour a week session. I will help you become more aware of organizational situations, your behavior and the affect it has on the achievement of your goals. I provide feedback and encouragement that turn leadership challenges and opportunities into win for all stakeholders. These weekly one-on-one meetings preferably are in person or at the very least using Skype or WebCoaching. Telephone calls are a last resort because we all communicate using body language and visual communication is just as important as audio.

Step Six - Homework

Every week there'll be some information you will have to review, monitor or study that will be the basis for our discussion the following week.

Step Seven - Test & Stretch

As we introduce new concepts and you gain new insights, you will take this knowledge into the workplace and test it out.  In the coaching, we will also reflect on what worked and what didn’t, so you can adjust things accordingly. 

Step Eight - Reassess

At the end of six months we will go back and do another assessment to see if there's any marked improvement in the areas that we want to have changed.

Step Nine- Home Stretch

Implement any course corrections and revisit the milestones for the next six months.

Step Ten- Celebrate the Victories

We made it. The results will be apparent. We always take time to celebrate the victories.

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