Team Coaching:

"Are any of these obstacles stopping your  senior leadership team from maximum performance?"

  • Power Struggle - Me vs. the Team.

    The next step up is in the Captain’s chair.  Anxiety exists between the teamwork needed to work as a corporate team and the inherent competition of people who want to be Captain of the ship.

  • Leave the ego at the door.

    The individuals on the team are typically superstars in their own right who have been compensated for above average individual contributions. Rarely have they been rewarded for playing nice.

  • Climate that encourages “openness”.

    There is some difficulty of establishing the proper environment that encourages openness with each other, including their weaknesses, to enable maximum joint efforts.

In order to develop a high-performance team, the above factors need to be addressed.

Coach Gusty easily gains the trust of articulate and sometimes suspicious leaders and engages them as well as the whole group.


  • Coach Gusty has the ability to read very quickly the different levels of subtleties occurring in the team and bring to the surface only the key elements for consideration.
  • Coach Gusty also has an awareness of power and its movement within groups and strategically intervenes to affect the ways power is used in the group.
  • Coach Gusty works with high performance teams to  develop and deliver a plan to clearly identify that corporate competitors are the enemy, manage internal conflict, and to develop healthy controversial discussions that allow us to communicate with frankness  and respect.
  • Coach Gusty gets people in step with one another by leveraging the talent, skill, knowledge and passion of your executive team that will fast-track your business.


Coach Gusty Coached Teams:

  • Deliver improved results.
  • Make the right changes faster.
  • Create effective, responsive team culture.
  • Get a renewed respect for each other.
  • Deliver gold medal performance and accountability.


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