Coach Gusty's Training Camps:

Coach Gusty really wants to see results for your business - he is as driven as you are to see that success.”- Dr. Shane Johnson

A training encounter your people will not have
experienced before!
Engaging, Enlightening,
Empowering and Encouraging
. No one gets in to
an action plan like Coach Gust



oach Gusty delves deeper into the subject, engaging feedback from all participants. He brings out the introverts and deals with the extroverts – fun is had by all. Coach Gusty inspires a commitment to change behavior … using his Small StepsTM program. Coach Gusty offers:

  • Break out sessions 

  • ½ day Training Camps &

  • Full day Training Camps for your group

Ask us about a topic that suits the needs of your organization.

“I have attended two of Coach Gusty’s keynote presentations and I have experienced One-on-One training with him and  he is awesome!

Linda McLean - Office Manager / Senior Membership Manager RPAA


  • How to make changes in your organization that everyone applauds (Change Management -Transformational leadership)
  • Get the Advantage by Using The 7 Secrets of Great Leaders and Great Companies
  • How to build a performance culture - creativity, innovation and risk taking. (Implementing an entrepreneurial corporate culture)

Team Development

  • E-MindsetTM …Engage, Enlighten, Empower, Encourage ! (How to Recruit, Reward and Retain Superstars!)
  • Coach-The-Coach  (How to implement leadership throughout your organization to  build your bench strength!)

Customer Service - Loyalty and Retention

  • The most overused phrase in business today and the failing grades we think are acceptable!
  • Why do most Managers act differentaly when they are in fron of a customer vs when they empoer their staff with cusomter service directions

Sales & Marketing

  • Branding and  positioning but first of all clarity!
  • How to grow your business – using traditional methods as well as Online .

“No matter what stage your business is in - whether early development, growth or exit strategy; you can benefit greatly from what Coach Gusty has to say.”

Mark Reid - Reid & Associates

General Business

  • Financial Statements Are My Friend – Business metrics
  • Behavior assessments – DISC – it will answer so many of your questions!
  • Time Management - Would you like and extra week in a month. All you have to do is know how to get!
  • Goal Setting (not sexy but has a bigger punch)!


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