"Get Coach Gusty to facilitate your next meeting.

Cover more ground faster, ensure that all ideas are put on the table and end the day leaving on the same team with a clear action plan… it’s just so much easier!"


f you need a strategic planning meeting to achieve unprecedented results then you need Coach Gusty who understands how to leverage all the experience, intellect and talent in the room.

Coach Gusty is the enabler who gets full participation with maximum impact.
We all know that good-intentioned people working together can achieve amazing results. However, there are many situations that can disrupt a meeting.

Here are a few examples when Coach Gusty would greatly improve the chance for new ideas:

  • There will be many strong personalities and a variety of opinions as to the best direction to take.

  • When the meeting underwriter has a strong bias toward a concept but wants to be “sensitive” to other possible alternatives.

  • Clarity - when it is difficult to detail the desired outcome of the meeting or when the process needed to reach the desired outcome lacks clarity.

  • When an executive group or team needs to “go back to the drawing board” and come up with other new ideas and re-focus on key issues.

  • When it is desirable to utilize an outside source to take control and level out the playing field.


Coach Gusty will:

  • Promote a comfortable and open environment that supports honest, creative and meaningful dialogue.
  • Encourage communication among all individuals, drawing out the introverts, settling down the extroverts, making sure that personalities do not get in the way of the issue.
  • Keep control of the meeting and challenge everyone to dig deeper – build on each other ideas.
  • Keep the group task-focused.
  • Ensure that people did not come to the meeting to be bystanders and watch everyone else.


I will be involved in pre-meeting strategy, facilitate the meeting, and, most importantly, create the agreement
for commitment and accountability to the action plan.

I can help make your next executive retreat, board retreat or strategic planning session not look like Detente but like an
idea whose time has come! I look forward to sharing in your success.


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